Home ozone generator

The appearance of home ozone generators in residential applications is quite a recent event, but extremely expected by individual customers. The professional Blue Planet ozonators manufactured by us so far have met the needs of various branches of the economy, while the current offer also includes modern ozone generators for the home allows you to obtain crystal clear and healthy water, and therefore free from any pollution, microorganisms and other matter. Our ozonators are perfect not only for water treatment, but also for air in home spaces. What's more, food products ozonated with the device are germ-free and stay fresh longer. Blue Planet home ozone generators are adapted to the living conditions, but retain a number of advantages of professional devices, including electronic control that simplifies and supports the use of an ozonator.

How do you choose an ozone generator for your home?

Undoubtedly, Blue Planet ozone generators fully meet the need for safe ozonation at home, and therefore without chemical emissions and with ozone concentration appropriate for obtaining the best effects. However, this is not the only condition for the ozonator to make the choice obvious. First of all, devices should ozonate both water and air as well as food products, i.e. they should be versatile. The additional ionization function (negative ion production), which significantly optimizes the purification of air in the apartment from all pathogens, allergens and not necessarily pleasant smells, will certainly be very useful. In addition, home ozone generators should also be characterized by small dimensions and trouble-free operation supported by electronic control. Blue Planet ozonators, in addition to meeting these requirements, are characterized by the best value for money.