Ozone mirrors in water 

Ozone mirrors in water
Ozone mirrors in water

The measurement of ozone dissolved in water is carried out by means of devices measuring water directly flowing through the measuring system or gas evaporated from water.

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    The Q46H / 64 monitors use a membrane polarographic sensor to accurately measure ozone in water. The sensor works like a battery, generating a current that is linearly proportional to the concentration of chlorine dioxide in the solution. The ozone permeable membrane isolates the sensor from the measured sample and ensures that the measurement is free of...

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    CHLORTROL + MICRO2CHEM MEASUREMENT OF CONTENT ABOUT 3 WATER Two O3 measurement channels DESTINY The CHLORTROL measuring set is intended for continuous measurement of ozone content in pure water. Main areas of application: drinking water installations in water treatment plants (SUW) and water intakes, technological installations requiring monitoring...

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    The UV-106-W meter is one of the most accurate and universal devices for measuring ozone in water. Product features: Application - Measurement of ozone concentration in clean and dirty water Ozone concentration range 0-100 ppm (g / m3, μg / mL) Accuracy Above 0.05 ppm or 1% of value Measurement frequency 10 s Response time 20 s Averaging times of...

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    The water ozonation system Atom water 100 is a fully automatic device for the production of ozonated water. Thanks to its construction, it can be a mobile ozone station at the plant's washing site or a stationary device for water disinfection or water production as a strong disinfectant in further technological processes. The device is ready for...

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