Decontamination of air conditioning with ozone

The effects of summer heat or cold winters in the presence of air conditioning in the car are certainly to be eliminated, but in addition to the undeniable advantages of its operation, we also have disadvantages. The popular "climate" in the literal sense produces quite a lot of moisture, which settling on the walls of ventilation channels, creates a specific and unfortunately friendly environment for all bacteria, fungi and mold. That is why systematic, usually carried out in the spring, so once a year, ozone removal of air conditioning is so important. In the case of unpleasant odors from ventilation, we must do this immediately because of the threat to our health. An important advantage of ozonating air conditioning generators designed for this is the exceptional effectiveness of the method. Ozone introduced into the ventilation system completely eliminates all animate, inanimate, physical and chemical pathogens. What's more, ozone breaks down in a short time, creating oxygen, a life-giving element for humans and other organisms.

What is ozone molding of car air conditioning?

Proper ozonation requires a number of activities, and above all a device that will allow for professional ozone application. Therefore, to carry out mold removal of car air conditioning, a special generator (modern Blue Planet ozonators) is necessary, which through the corona discharge method produces oxygen, which is an element of air that we need ozone (O3). Circulating in the ventilation system, as well as inside the car, almost immediately transmits one oxygen atom to the chemical compounds present in them, leading to their oxidation. Thanks to this, we eliminate not only unpleasant odors (e.g. musty, tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes), but also fungi, bacteria, viruses, molds, mites that simply die in an unfavorable environment for them. Before fumbling air conditioning, clean the car of mechanical impurities. However, after ozoning, thoroughly ventilate the vehicle. The purchase of small Blue Planet generators will be a great support for the achieved effects. It is enough to disinfect the interior with ozone once every 3-4 months.