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Air Ozonators

Air ozonators are modern devices with versatile applications.

If you haven't heard yet about the innovative device, which is the ozonator, you will certainly be interested in the offer prepared by the Blue Planet company. Ozone is - as is known - an excellent disinfectant, which is used, among others. when disinfecting or sterilizing objects and rooms, removing difficult and persistent odors, fumigation of rooms, removing mold and odors in renovated rooms, as well as removing smells of tobacco smoke, mold, mustiness and humidity, decontaminating flooded apartments and basements, decontaminating air conditioning and ventilation ducts, fighting sanitary pests and finally removing mites, allergens, viruses and pathogenic bacteria. Air ozonators are devices that are used in all types of rooms and can work even in the most difficult conditions.

The ozonator will allow you to breathe fresh air again.

Clean, fresh air and water are the basis not only for well-being but above all for health. Unfortunately, there are many harmful factors polluting the environment in which we operate in our environment. To avoid their negative impact on the quality and comfort of your life, it is worth using modern solutions provided by our company. Ozonizers, because we are talking about them, are extremely versatile, effective and very efficient devices that are used in hotels, restaurants, pubs, cars, basements, smoking rooms, summer houses, meat processing plants and when removing fire and flood damage such as also in health care facilities.

The price of air ozonators

Undoubtedly, the price of air ozonators is a consequence of many factors that characterize a given device, i.e. the product chosen not only in terms of the place of use and the resulting needs, but also because of the preferences enabling the best results to be achieved for many years. So what influences the price of the ozonator? Primarily:

  • working time - the possibility of using a smaller or larger range of working time modes that guarantee optimal cleaning of the room,
  • ozonator life - an important parameter indicating approximately its service life and performance assigned for that time,
  • dimensions - the price of the device depends on specific expectations: small size, high performance, trouble-free displacement, versatile use,
  • additional functions - e.g. air quality indicator, remote control, air humidification, indicator backlighting.