Vehicle ozonation

Refreshing and disinfecting the vehicle, air conditioning using Ozonation guarantees the neutralization of unpleasant odors, among others tobacco smoke, allergens, fungi, spores and molds.

The air conditioning purified with Ozone is free from all kinds of allergens, molds, fungi and other microorganisms. In the uncleaned air conditioning and the interior of the vehicle, various types of microorganisms can accumulate that cause the driver to lose concentration and feel unwell . Ozone penetrates deeply into the interior of upholstered seats and couches, cleans and disinfects ventilation ducts and car air conditioning

The scope of work that Blue Planet performs:

  • ozonation of cars at individual customers
  • ozonation of company cars
  • ozonation of taxis
  • ozonation of refrigerated cars (cold rooms)
  • bus ozonation
  • camping trailer ozonation
  • campers ozonation
  • ozonization of yachts
  • bus ozonation services
  • ozonation services in public transport vehicles (public transport)


Ozonation of a passenger car 40 - 60
Truck cabin ozonation 50 - 80
Ozonation of a passenger bus 60 - 80
Ozonation of the bus loading space 60 - 80
Truck ozonization 100
Ozonation of ventilation ducts 40 - 80
Ozonation of fruit, vegetables on a semi-trailer to be agreed (depending on the type and time)
Ozonation of other charges to be agreed

The prices do not include the cost of traveling PLN 1 / km from Wolsztyn