Ozonation of hotel rooms

Ozone treatment is an extremely effective way to remove odors in hotels, guesthouses or agritourism farms. Ozone also allows you to effectively get rid of all mites, bacteria, fungi or viruses that float in the room. This allows guests to provide comfortable and safe conditions during their stay on the property.

Especially a hotel that prides itself on the high quality of its services should invest in room ozonation. Visitors and guests often struggle with the flu or cold, which causes germs to float in the air up to several days after check-out. Cleaning alone, even the most thorough, will not be enough in such a situation. Thanks to ozonation, the room will be sterile clean and ready to receive more residents. Hotels regularly using ozone are also more friendly for allergy sufferers, for which small mites and pollen are extremely dangerous.

We also encourage the use of air ozonators for rooms intended for smokers. Even people who like to smoke expect hotel rooms to be clean and have a pleasant smell. The ozone generator effectively gets rid of cigarette smoke from furniture, curtains and carpets. The treatment is not limited to the room itself. With the help of an industrial generator, you can also clean the air conditioning system, so that bacteria and odors will not circulate around the entire facility.

There is no more effective way to get rid of unpleasant odors from a hotel room than ozonation. The treatment ensures purity and sterility, which is important especially for more sensitive guests. Ozone can be used not only in shelters. It is worth using it regularly also in your own home. It will also work in all industrial facilities, such as production halls, warehouses, etc. To learn more about the procedure itself, we encourage you to read the information available on our store's website.