These regulations set out the rules for making purchases in the online store
by the Seller at www.eblueplanet.pl , www.ozongenerator.pl , www.blueplanet24.pl
The seller is the Blue Planet company with its registered office in Wolsztyn at ul. Bohaterów Bielnik 21 b
Registered under the NIP number: 923-101-48-92, Regon: 301734692 also referred to as the "Service Provider".
You can contact the Service Provider:
- under the telephone numbers +48 604403562
- using the e-mail address: blueplanet@onet.eu
§ 1 Definitions
1. Regulations - these regulations. In the scope of services provided electronically, the Regulations
is the regulations referred to in art. 8 of the Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of services
electronically (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 144, item 1204, as amended).
2. Customer - a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without personality
legal and having the capacity to perform legal acts, which on the principles set out
in these regulations he places orders in the Online Store.
3. Consumer - a customer who is a natural person using the Online Store for the purpose
not directly related to its business or professional activity.
4. Service Provider - an entity providing sales services via the Online Store
on the principles set out in these Regulations.
5. Subject of the transaction - Goods listed and described on the Store's website
6. Goods - a movable item presented in the Online Store to which the Agreement relates
7. Additional service - a service provided by the Service Provider to the Customer outside the Store
Online due to the nature of the Goods sold.
8. Sales Agreement - a contract for the sale of Goods within the meaning of the Civil Code,
concluded between the Service Provider and the Customer, using the Store's website.
9. Online Store (Store) - website available at www.eblueplane.pl , www.ozongenerator.pl , www.blueplanet24.pl
10. Order - Customer's declaration of intent clearly specifying the type and quantity of Goods,
aimed directly at the conclusion of the Sales Agreement.
11. ICT system - a set of cooperating IT devices
and software for processing and storage, as well as sending
and receiving data through telecommunications networks using the appropriate one for the given
the type of network of the end device.
§ 2 General principles
1. These Regulations set out the rules for using the online store available
at www.eblueplanet.pl , www.ozongenerator.pl , www.blueplanet24.pl
2. The condition for placing an Order in the Online Store by the Customer is acquaintance
comply with these Regulations and acceptance of its provisions during the implementation of the Order.
3. The Blue Planet online store conducts retail sales via the Internet.
4. All Goods offered in the Blue Planet store are brand new, originally packed,
free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally placed on the Polish market.
5. As part of the technical requirements necessary to cooperate with the ICT system,
which the Service Provider uses to make purchases, the Customer should
have an active e-mail account and connected device
to the Internet, meeting the following minimum technical requirements:
a. Internet browser [e.g. INTERNET EXPLORER] version [8.0] or newer with the necessary applications [ActiveX, JavaScript and cookies] enabled
b. minimum screen resolution [800x600] pixels.
§ 3 Placing orders
1. All prices given on the websites www.eblueplanet.pl , www.ozongenerator.pl , www.blueplanet24.pl are gross prices given
in Polish zlotys. The prices do not include shipping costs.
2. Orders are accepted via the website / telephone / e-mail.
3. Orders placed through the website can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days
during the week throughout the year.
4. The order is effective if the customer correctly completes the order form and correctly
provide contact details, including the exact address to which the Good is to be sent and the number
phone and email address.
5. In the event that the data provided is not complete, the Seller will contact the Customer. If
contact with the Customer will not be possible, the Seller has the right to cancel the Order.
6. The customer in the process of placing the order may express a desire to receive a receipt
or a VAT invoice, which can be attached to the shipment being sent or sent by road
electronic, to the e-mail address provided in the form of an electronic image of documents
billing, in particular such as: VAT invoices with attachments, corrective VAT invoices
with attachments and forms. This consent also authorizes the Seller to issue
and sending VAT invoices in electronic form, in accordance with the ordinance of the Minister
Finance of December 20, 2012 regarding the sending of electronic invoices, rules
their storage and the procedure for making it available to the tax authority or inspection authority
7. When placing the Order, the Customer may consent to the placement of data
personal data in the Seller's Online Store database for processing
in connection with the implementation of the Order. In the event of consent, the Customer has the right to inspect
in your data, correct them and request their removal.
8. The customer may use the option of saving his data by the system to facilitate the process
placing another Order. For this purpose, the Customer should provide a login and password, necessary
to access your account. Customer login is the e-mail address provided by him.
The password is a string of characters set by the customer. The Customer's password is not known to the Seller
and the Customer is obliged to keep it secret and protect against unauthorized access
third parties.
9. After the Customer has successfully placed the order, he will receive an automatic response
from the store confirming receipt of the order.
10. The time to start the contract is the same as the moment the payment is received
to the bank account provided in the order confirmation if paying by bank transfer
or when you make the order when paying by card or by choosing an option
§ 4 Shipping costs and date
1. The goods are sent to the address indicated on the order form or given by phone
or by email. The store will inform the customer immediately if it is incorrectly completed
order form that prevents or may delay the shipment.
2. The goods are delivered by means of a specialized courier company "DPD". DPD is one of the leading courier companies in Europe - it is a trustworthy business partner on the domestic and foreign parcel market. It has a very efficient transport network and over 500 own branches in 40 countries. More detailed information on the courier company's website: WWW.dpd.com.pl DPD telephone contact: 22 577-55-55 landline telephone (customer service center) call cost per minute according to the caller's rates.
It is possible to collect personal goods at the seller's headquarters:
Blue Planet Daniel Świetliński
ul. Bohaterów Bielnik 21 b
64-200 Wolsztyn
3. The parcel is delivered according to the deadline given for each Good on the pages
service. This is an approximate delivery time and applies to orders with a shipping option
"COD". When choosing the payment option "transfer" or "card or bank transfer
online "to the time specified on the website, the time of posting the funds should be added
on the store's bank account (usually 1-2 business days).
4. The customer is charged for delivery (shipping) displayed at the price of the product being purchased or in the delivery form.
5. In the event of the occurrence of "Force majeure" (circumstances preventing complete or temporary execution of the order, e.g. when unusual frosts, heavy snowfall, floods, or riots occur, as a result of which the item will be damaged / stolen / incomplete), the Blue Planet store will try despite all these events to finalize the transaction but reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order - about the situation undertakes to immediately notify the customer by phone or email. In connection with the occurrence of "Force majeure" we are not responsible for any loss or damage associated with loss of customer income.
6. Most often, shipments are delivered by courier DPD between 8.00 and 14.00. The courier company usually delivers packages until 21.00 to individual customers and until 17.00 to companies.
The Blue Planet store is not able to determine or guarantee the exact time of delivery, so to determine the delivery time you need to contact the courier on the day of delivery. As the courier company assures, providing the place of work (company name) as the delivery address of the parcel guarantees the delivery of the package between 8-17 the next business day from posting. In the event of your absence, the courier delivering the parcel will leave information about the attempted delivery (in the form of AWIZO) or, if it has a telephone number, it will contact the recipient of the parcel. On the first day after attempting to deliver, the parcel will be left for personal collection by you in the local branch of the courier company (the address of the courier company branch and details of the shipment will be included in the AWIZO left by the courier). In the event that you do not collect the parcel in person from the courier's office, on the second day after leaving AWIZO, the courier will try again to deliver it to the address indicated by you in the order form.
7. Please check the completeness of the content of the ordered shipment, whether the delivered goods comply with the order placed by you. If the goods turn out to be inconsistent with the order or are damaged, we recommend that you contact the Blue Planet store service immediately and send the goods back to the store's address or have us collect it. We will provide you with the ordered goods free from defects and damage as soon as possible. If you receive a package with visible external damage to the cardboard packaging, we recommend that you write a damage report in the presence of the courier and immediately contact the Blue Planet store. The damage report is an important element in the event of a complaint from the DPD courier and will help us in the compensation procedure from the courier company. Please fill in carefully (giving details about the packaging, i.e. external damage to the packaging, and the goods despite additional several layers of cartons and bubble wrap, and information about special treatment).
§ 5 Payments
1. We issue a receipt or personal proof of purchase (invoice) for each sold product.
2. Payment for the ordered goods may take place:
a) Payment on delivery - payment is made upon delivery of the ordered goods. You transfer cash to the courier who delivers the package. Proof of payment from the courier is the Waybill, which is attached to the package.
b) Pre-payment:
- via the Allegro electronic payment system (system name: PayU SA)
- payment by bank transfer to the store's bank account:
PKO BP 73 1020 4144 0000 6202 0163 5986. With this form of payment, the order processing process is longer because the shipment takes place after the store has credited the account (usually 1-2 business days).
c) Payment in cash - payment is made upon personal pickup of the ordered goods.
§ 6 Withdrawal from the contract
1. A consumer who has entered into a distance contract has the right to withdraw from the contract
without giving a reason by submitting a relevant statement in writing within 14 days). This deadline is a deadline and starts from the day of issue
things, and if the contract concerns the provision of the service - from the date of its conclusion. To keep it
the deadline is enough to send a statement before its expiry to the Service Provider's address.
A model statement of withdrawal can be downloaded by clicking HERE
2. In the event of withdrawal from a distance contract, the contract is considered null and void.
What the parties have rendered shall be returned unchanged, unless there was a change
necessary in the ordinary course of business.
3. The return should take place immediately, not later than within 14 days. Purchased goods
should be returned to the Service Provider's address.
4. Pursuant to the Act, the possibility of return is not subject to: the provision of services commenced,
with the consent of the Customer, before the deadline referred to in art. 7 paragraph 1 regarding recordings
audio and visual as well as computer programs saved on media
after the Customer removes their original packaging, contracts for benefits,
for which the price or remuneration depends solely on price movement on the financial market,
benefits with the characteristics specified by the customer in the order placed by him
or closely related to his person benefits which due to their nature can not
be returned or whose item quickly deteriorates, delivery of press, services
in the field of games and betting.
§ 7 Complaint procedure
1. The products have a manufacturer's, importer's or seller's warranty in Poland. The warranty period for each product is included in its description on the store's website. Detailed conditions for the implementation of the guarantee are set out in the printing guarantee issued by the guarantor. Most products have guarantees implemented directly by the manufacturer's authorized service centers. The exact addresses of service centers are on the warranty cards attached to the products and on the websites of manufacturers. The Customer may also carry out the complaint procedure under the Guarantee via the Seller.
2. Complaints should be submitted to the Service Provider's address:

Blue Planet Daniel Świetliński
ul. Bohaterów Bielnik 21 b
64-200 Wolsztyn
tel. +48 604 403 562
3. When submitting a complaint, the complete product / product with the proof of purchase (e.g. receipt or copy of the invoice) and completed complaint form (complaint form) should be sent to the Service Provider, available at: www.ozongenerator.pl and located on the allegro online platform .pl, on request we send a complaint form to the customer's e-mail address. The condition for quick consideration of a complaint is the fulfillment of the rule described above, otherwise the processing time will be extended until the missing elements are completed.
4. The Service Provider will consider the complaint within 14 days from the date of submission of the complaint. If the complaint is examined in favor of the Customer, the service provider will repair or exchange the advertised product for a new, full-fledged product or return the value of the purchased product.
5. If the goods do not comply with the contract, the Customer may request that it be brought into conformity with the contract by a free repair or replacement with a new one, unless the repair or replacement is impossible or requires excessive costs. When assessing excessive costs, the value of the goods in accordance with the contract as well as the type and degree of non-compliance found are taken into account. (Act of 27 July 2002 on specific conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code).
6. The customer loses the rights set out in point 5 of this paragraph, if before the expiry of two months from the finding of non-compliance of the goods with the contract does not notify the store of this fact. To meet the deadline, it is enough to send a notice before its expiry.

Complaint form (download)

§ 8 Privacy policy and personal data protection
1. The administrator of databases of personal data provided by customers of the online store in connection with purchases is the Service Provider.
2. Personal data are used to implement sales contracts, and therefore may be transferred to entities responsible for the delivery of purchased goods to the customer and, in the case of installment purchases, purchase credit institutions. Customers have the right to access their data and to amend it. Data is provided voluntarily.
3. Information on technical methods and measures for detecting and correcting errors in data entered:
a. When placing an Order, until the "Order" button is pressed, Customers who have an account in the Online Store have the option of correcting the entered data themselves by editing the account profile.
b. Data verification or correction of the Order can also be done by sending an e-mail to the Service Provider to blueplanet@onet.eu
c. The Customer has the option of changing the data entered when creating the Account at any time within the available options.
4. Information on the principles and methods of recording, securing and sharing the content of the concluded contract by the Service Provider:
a. Consolidation, security and disclosure of the content of the concluded contract takes place by sending an appropriate e-mail after the conclusion of the Sales Agreement.
b. Consolidation, protection and disclosure of the content of the concluded Sales Agreement
takes place by sending the Customer the content of the contract to the e-mail address provided or by providing the Customer with the Order specification and proof of purchase.
c. The content of the concluded contract is additionally recorded and secured in the system
ICT service provider and made available at each customer's request.
§ 9 Amendments to the Regulations
1. Customers who have an account in the Store will be notified of changes to the Regulations
via email correspondence.
2. If there has been a change in the Store's Regulations since the last login, the Customer accepts or fails to accept its provisions after the changes. If you do not accept the terms of the Regulations, in particular after making changes to them, shopping in the Online Store is not possible.
3. The customer who does not accept the changes introduced in the Regulations has the right to delete the account at any time.
4. Orders placed by customers before the entry into force of amendments to the Regulations will be implemented according to the existing provisions of the Regulations.
§ 10 Final provisions
1. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws 2000 No. 22 item 271 as amended) shall apply, the Act of on July 27, 2002 on specific conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 141, item 1176, as amended), the Act of April 23, 1964 - Civil Code (Journal of Laws 1964 No. 16 item 93, as amended).
2. Disputes arising from the application of these Regulations and in connection with the performance of concluded contracts between the Store and the Customers, will be considered by the competent court in accordance with the provisions on property and local jurisdiction in accordance with the Act of 17.11.1964 Code of Civil Procedure (Journal of Laws No. 43 item 296 as amended).
3. All rights reserved!
The Blue Planet Store does not consent to copying, reproduction, modification or any other processing of all or parts of the website. It is also not allowed to use elements located on the above-mentioned website pages, any commercial or public use of materials is prohibited. All postal addresses contained on the store's website and other websites owned by the store have been published there solely for contact purposes. Their publication in no way constitutes consent to their use for advertising purposes and regulations introduced by the Act of 18 July 2002. on the provision of electronic services and related laws.
The Store presents or makes available on the Website materials protected by copyright and industrial property, in particular: trademarks and works, e.g. texts, publications, articles, graphics, and the layout and selection of content presented on the Website is an independent subject of protection under Polish law, including in particular the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights (Journal of Laws of 2006, No. 90, item 631, as amended), the Act of 21 July 2001 on the protection of databases (Journal of Laws of 2001, No. 128, item 1402, as amended) and the Act of June 30, 2000, Industrial Property Law (Journal of Laws of 2003, No. 119, item 1117, as amended).
In accordance with paragraph 1 above, the content of the Website is legally protected and may not be published, in whole or in part, or as a development without the written consent of Blue Planet.
Users are entitled to use the content available on the Website (including by copying, printing) only as part of personal use permitted by law.
In particular, any materials from the Website may not be copied, published, displayed, sent or distributed in any way without the written consent of the authorized entity, except in cases of fair use and subject to all legal notices and information on reservation of all copyrights and source materials. Modifying the materials or using the materials for any other purpose is a violation of the copyrights or related rights.
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