Selection of O 3 concentration and ozonator work time

Choosing the right ozone concentration is a task for a professional who alone determines the efficiency of the ozonator and the duration of the procedure, and thus the ozone concentration in the room based on knowledge, practice and own observations. Ozonator working time incl. depends on the type and amount of pollution removed (different odors, microorganisms and other pathogens have different ozone resistance), capacity of the ozonated room as well as temperature and humidity. Oxygenation or reduction of air humidity in the room atmosphere is often needed before ozonation
relative humidity: 30 - 60%

Ozone concentration and its measurement

Ozone concentration is measured by a special meter that shows the amount of ozone particles in air or water. The measured value is displayed in units of ppm
This concentration is a derivative of a molar fraction and determines how many molecules of a chemical compound fall into 1 million molecules of solution .
ppm = mg / l ppm = mg / m3
1 ppm = 2.14 mg O3 / m3
half-life of about 20-30 minutes


The duration of the procedure depends on the ozone concentration achieved.
Recommended concentration min. 1,5ppm
3h at a concentration of 2ppm
2h at 3ppm
1.5h at 5ppm

Ozone concentration (mathematical calculation)

How to calculate what concentration we will reach after
hour generator operation with efficiency
7g / h in a 100m 3 room ?
Within 1 hour, a total of 7000mg of ozone will be produced.
7000mg / 100m 3 = 70mg / m 3
The half-life is about 20 minutes, so we divide the result by 3.70 / 3 = 23.3 mg / 0 3
23.3 / 2.14 = 10.74ppm

Ozone concentration in practice

In the practice of working with ozone, it is often the case that ozone concentrations in similar volumes come out differently due to the different conditions in the ozoned rooms, such as temperature, humidity, textile materials in the room and other factors responsible for faster ozone decomposition.

Ozonation without a meter

If we do not have an ozone concentration meter, we can estimate the ozonation time approximately, e.g.
For a room of 8 x 4 x 2.6 = 83.2 m 3
  • Purpose - to refresh the room
  • Time - 30 min (DS generator 7)
  • Time - 15min (generator DS. 14)
We should ozonate the same room with a bothersome much longer.
  • Purpose - to remove the smell
  • Time - 1-2h (DS. 7)
  • Time - 45min - 1.5h (DS. 14)
If the smell is still noticeable, the treatment should be repeated.