Adapting the ozone generator to the size of the room.

When choosing an ozone generator, you should ask yourself what treatments we want to perform and how large (maximum) rooms we want to ozone.
A ozone generator can be used to ozonate living quarters, storage rooms, car cabins and cargo spaces. If in these rooms or vehicles there is no increased humidity (above 70%), e.g. after flooding or after water cleaning the upholstery in a car, you can carry out ozone treatments with an ozone generator inside the room. If the humidity level is raised due to the above-mentioned factors, then a cable for remote ozonation should be used (it appears in generators with the letter "R" eg DS.-32-R) and place the ozonator outside the humid zone and ozone through the pipe is blown into the ozonated room .
With continuous ozonation of humid or dusty rooms, pressure generators, e.g. DST-30, can be used and highly concentrated ozone injected through a thin 8-10mm diameter silicone tube.
In order for the ozonation treatment to be effective, the efficiency of the ozone generator should be selected to the maximum volume that we will ozone.

How to choose an ozone generator

Ozone concentration for individual models of ozone generators:

Ozone concentration