A few words about us

We are a company with extensive experience in the production of modern and unique ozone devices. We design and manufacture innovative systems for the ozonation of air, water and disinfection of rooms, ventilation ducts, air conditioning devices and cold stores. We manufacture ozone generators (ozonators) for large production and commercial companies as well as for smaller air-conditioning services, car services, car washes, cleaning companies, building drying companies, companies from the DDD industry. Our machines are even used for ozoning the poultry houses. 

Thanks to comprehensive services in the field of production and sale of ozone generators , we have a large group of satisfied customers. Our ozonators have already been used in many segments of the Polish industry. The trust our customers place in us is very valuable to us, which is why we try to meet their expectations. 

The high quality of our ozone generators is confirmed by our long-term cooperation with our clients, which are research institutes, among others, the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw, the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry, the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Hamilton Poland and many well-known and leading companies such as Nestle, ORLEN, Linde Gaz, Military Electronic Works, Philp Moris, PKP Cargo SA, Regional Transport, State Forests, Hermes, DanHatch Poland SA, Wrocławski Park Wodny SA, Aqua SA.

Our Ozone Generators

Purification and disinfection with the use of ozone generators (ozonators) produced by Blue Planet is not only an ecological replacement of chemical solutions in specific areas of human activity and life, but also an extremely effective way to implement development tasks in a given entity. As a manufacturer of ozonators, we are well aware of the importance of comprehensive optimization of business space, especially in the food industry. Therefore, by offering excellent quality ozone generators, we know that through their innovation, we can provide, among others production in progress, proper storage, safe transport. What's more, this significantly translates into a reduction in their costs, and thus the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by offering customers products that meet their expectations and at a better price.Regardless of the ozonator chosen, each of our modern ozone generators has components that guarantee the highest quality of work for many years, as well as trouble-free and simple operation.