Ozone water treatment

Water quality is usually determined by analyzing its chemical composition and visual assessment. The acquired parameters allow the use of a method appropriate for its treatment. Thus, the water treatment process is nothing more than achieving physicochemical properties that meet the specific requirements for the water. One of the most effective oxidants is undoubtedly ozone, which meets all expectations in the treatment process. It not only eliminates all pathogens, but also leaves no side matter. Water purification, and more precisely disinfection through its ozonation, consists of simple operation, "pushing" ozone-saturated air into the water using special generators (Blue Planet ozonators). It is worth knowing that this method many times exceeds the efficiency of chlorine used so far, although it is recommended that both water treatment methods work in one disinfection system. Ozone treatment is so effective that it is used not only in water treatment plants and many branches of the economy, especially in the food industry, but also at home.

What is ozone water treatment?

Professional Blue Planet ozone generators are designed for long-term and continuous operation, which in the case of the treatment process in a wide range of applications, is important in maintaining the continuity of supply free of any water pollution. The application of air with ozone for installations with water in the case of heavy metal particles and e.g. ammonia causes their direct oxidation. On the other hand, ozonolysis of their unsaturated fatty acids contained in lipids has an impact on bacteria, viruses, molds or fungi, which in turn increases the permeability of the cell membrane of these organisms and, as a consequence, breaks down. Equally effective are the Blue Planet home ozonators, which will treat drinking water, giving it crystal transparency and natural taste. So you can drink it, use it for cooking various dishes, use it for washing and ironing. What's more, ozone treated water can be used to clean vegetables and fruits, and even meats. Unlike the usual "tap water" ozonated water will remove from their surface all microorganisms and residues of plant protection products.