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  • Silicone hoses

    New silicone hoses are very flexible, non-toxic, highly transparent, resistant to high temperature while maintaining the flexibility of very low temperature (-60 ° C ÷ + 200 ° C).

  • Screw connectors

    Twisted connectors are used to connect silicone, Teflon and gas hoses

  • PVC flexible ducts
  • OHS articles

    Masks, overalls

  • Inżektory / Zwężki...

    The injector works on the Venturi principle.
    The use of modern technology in hydraulics has allowed
    to construct an injector working at low pressure differences. Water, flowing through the tapering nozzle creates a vacuum and sucks ozone with the help of the pressure created. The injector works properly if there is a pressure difference between the water inlet and outlet
    with sucked gas.

  • Tripod
  • Fans

    Ventilation and heating

  • Oxygen concentrators

    Oxygen concentrators are devices that separate oxygen from atmospheric air.

  • Dehumidifiers


    These are devices enabling dehumidification of too moist air in a room. The moist air drawn in by the fan is cooled in the radiator. Condensation occurs. Condensed water vapor is collected in the tank, from where it is removed. The capacity of the dryer is measured by the amount of water removed per day. The performance given by the manufacturer refers to a standard temperature (e.g. 23 ° C) and drops sharply if the room temperature is lower. However, it rises at a higher temperature. The dehumidifiers can work as portable or stationary devices. They are installed in rooms isolated from the outside air.

  • Stand for ozone generator Telescopic tripod allows convenient and professional positioning of the ozone generator in the room. Thanks to three widely spread legs it stands stable and secure. The location of the generator at an altitude improves the distribution of ozone around the room and protects the device against the intake of dust from the room...

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