Construction dehumidifiers 

Construction dehumidifiers
Construction dehumidifiers There are 3 products.
  • High performance devices for industrial applications. Their design makes them ideal even in difficult working conditions, e.g. in construction. Excess moisture significantly extends the duration of some works or even prevents them. Ideal in construction, during conservation work, in stores and warehouses. Useful in private homes, cafes, basements, hotels,...

  • Master DH 92 dehumidifier with a capacity of 80 l / 24h Capacity: 80 l / 24h Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz Air flow: 1000 m3 / h Weight of machine: 66 kg Tank capacity: 11 l Power consumption: 1.6 kW Recommended for 1,200 m3 Warranty: 12/24 months

  • Construction dehumidifier TROTEC TTK 655 S Practical advantages of TTK-S series dehumidifiers: High dehumidification performance even at low temperatures Maximum protection of electrical components against dust and moisture Maintenance-free design Optimal functional features Transport and storage in any position thanks to the application rotary...

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