Ways of ozonation

A way of ozoning living or office rooms.

For ozonation / disinfection of a room, e.g. with an area of 20m2, we can use a generator with a capacity of 7g / h that should keep the ozone concentration in the room 2 - 6 ppm.
Before ozonation we must close the windows and doors and seal the ventilation holes to achieve the maximum threshold concentration. There must be no people or animals in the room, because ozone in high concentrations is very harmful! The generator should be placed in a safe, stable place (preferably on a raised level) so that its inlet and outlet are not restricted. To disinfect, remove an unpleasant odor, we must maintain ozone concentration for min. 30 minutes. Set ozone time on the generator, switch on the device and leave the room. After the set time has expired, you can enter the room in a full-face gas mask and open the windows for quick ventilation. The ozonated room can be used after a minimum of airing for an hour. Due to various reasons for the unpleasant smell, you may need to re-ozonate. The DS 7 ozone generator supports a maximum of 70m2 (+/- 161m3)

The method of ozonation after a fire.

For ozonation after fires, a very high ozone concentration of around 90mg / m3 (42ppm) is needed.
An ozone generator that can handle this challenge is: DS 32, DS 46, DS.64, Atom II, DST 30, DST 50.
Depending on the volume of the ozonated room, we must have a device with the appropriate efficiency of ozone produced. To a large extent, we can assume the principle of 1.15g / h of ozone produced / 1m3 of room.
For example: for a room with an area of 16m2 and a height of 230cm, i.e. about 36.8m3, DS 32 or DST 30 with an oxygen concentrator will be a suitable device to remove burning odors. For a room of about 30m2 we will need a DS 46 or DST 50 generator with an oxygen concentrator.
We can start the ozonation process after removing all visible effects after the fire! Ozonation should last a minimum of 45 minutes in several cycles, alternating with aeration / aeration of the ozonated volume until the desired effect is achieved.

Ozone treatment of car cabins and air conditioning systems in vehicles.

DS 7 or DS 14 (in position on 7g / h) DS 7 is the weakest generator in the DS family. which is suitable for ozonation of vehicle cabins. For this purpose, we place the generator in the cabin in such a place that the inlet was not obstructed and the outlet was at least 30cm to the obstacle. Start the vehicle / turn on the air conditioning to a minimum temperature / blow at 60% of power / closed circuit / blow to the windscreen. Set the time on the device to 30min / turn on the generator / leave the cabin and close the vehicle tightly.
After the procedure, open the vehicle door and ventilate for a minimum of 10 minutes. DS 14 or DS 32 in position 14g / h ozonate for 20min. Vehicles can also be ozonated using the ozone generator method outside via a flexible pipe. This solution is enabled by ozone generators marked with the letter "R" in the name.

Ozonation of the car through a flexible hose.

car ozonationcar ozonation

The pictures below show the increasing concentration of ozone in a van during 3 minutes. The measurement was taken with the A-21 meter
Jak ozonować samochód Ozonowanie samochodu Ozonowanie klimy Sposób ozonowania ozonator samochodowy

Stationary air conditioning ozonation with a blow-off generator.

For ozoning the air conditioner in a room with a large cubature, a flow ozonator with an open ozone chamber and a flexible hose with a diameter of 120mm can be used. We connect one end of the cable to the ozone generator with the outlet connection and the other is attached to the air conditioning splitter in the place of air intake. We set the ozone generator to full power, set the controller on the time e.g. 45min, turn on the ozonator and leave. The device blows ozone from the ozone channel through a flexible conduit directly into the air conditioner system, processing about 320m3 / min. The whole process takes place automatically without compromising the health of the person performing the procedure. After ozonation, we need to ventilate the entire room for ozone to evaporate. Thanks to this solution, the fumigation service will be effective because the main ozone concentration passes through the air conditioner and the threshold concentration obtained in the room is not important.
For this procedure, you can use all ozone generators with an output that allows you to mount a 100mm or 120mm flexible hose, e.g. DS 32 R with an ozone production capacity of 32000mg / h.

Stationary air conditioning ozonation with an oxygen generator .

The fumigation of the air conditioner can also be done using an ozone generator with a closed ozone chamber DST. This generator works with a pressure oxygen concentrator, which makes ozone coming out of the device highly condensed and more durable than ozone produced in the process of atmospheric air flow through the ozonator.
The DST device pumps ozone into a silicone hose with an outer diameter of 8mm, which allows it to be conveniently inserted anywhere.

Ozonation of cold stores, tanks, fruit and vegetables in storage rooms.

For ozonation of airtight volumes, e.g. cold stores or tanks, use a closed-pressure ozone generator from the DST family. This generator works with a pressure oxygen concentrator, which makes ozone coming out of the device highly condensed and more durable than ozone produced in the process of atmospheric air flow through the ozonator. The DST device pumps ozone into a silicone hose with an outer diameter of 8mm, which allows it to be inserted into a sealed chamber through a small hole. It is the only method of ozonation in conditions of high humidity and other undesirable for electronics.
Vegetables or fruits in the storage chamber can be kept in a controlled atmosphere of ozone, which significantly extends them in excellent condition. Ozone neutralizes gray mold, putrefactive bacteria and many others that normally grow on food quite quickly.
To control ozone concentration use electronic controllers such as OS-4 or OS-6 from Ecosensors. They allow you to set the ozone concentration range to be maintained in the designated volume. The controllers can cooperate with designated generators from the DS family. and all DST.
For maintaining concentration in storage chambers or large volumes, it is best to use efficient industrial generators with a monolithic structure Atom III or Stardust One. They contain an oxygen generator assembly, a filter assembly, an ozone generator system and control electronics, and the housing is made of harsh acid-resistant steel or powder-coated sheet metal.

The above guidelines are indicative and are not binding instructions for ozonation procedures .