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Ozone generator 350g / h Atom 3

Atom 3 350g/h

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Atom 3 is a Polish industrial ozone generator with a modular structure, powered by oxygen from an external pressure swing oxygen concentrator. The oxygen concentrator separates oxygen from nitrogen from atmospheric air and feeds it through a set of filters and a regulator directly to Falcon ozonization electrodes. Electrodes generate ozone using the silent electric discharge principle, converting oxygen particles to ozone. A high voltage field is fed between the grounded pipe and the electrode, which are separated by a dielectric. The oxygen fraction is divided in the electric field and spontaneously creates ozone molecules by connecting with another oxygen particle.


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    • Lower electricity consumption per ozone unit produced
    • Much lower oxygen demand due to higher ozone concentrations
    • Low installation and maintenance requirements
    • Low investment and service costs
    • The highest reliability and safety of service
    • Designed for continuous operation
    • Proven construction
    • lifetime warranty with annual servicing (TU service cost)


    • Potable water
    • Closed circuits
    • recycling
    • Rinsing
    • Food and beverage industry
    • Cooling water
    • Fish farming
    • pools
    • Sewage

    Ozone generator for water, cold storage and fruit storage, sewage treatment plants and other technological processes A wide range of options allows the implementation of individual customer solutions for each ozone installation.

    The work of the ozone generator is controlled by an internal controller that allows a wide range of time settings. The device can also be controlled by an external signal from ozone concentration controllers such as OS-4, OS-6 which analyze the level of ozone concentration in a separate room or zone, e.g. a cold store or warehouse. It is also possible to control the signal from an external device by closing the control circuit, e.g. pump or feeder.

    The generator can cooperate with the water treatment system by injecting ozone into the water system with an injector (Venturi tube). Atom III meets all safety standards and has a declaration and CE mark.

    Lifetime warranty via paid annual service (6000netto) counted one year after purchase.

    Technical data:

    • Capacity O3 - 352g / h (4 electrodes 88g / h)
    • O3 concentration in% - 15
    • Working pressure - 1 - 2 bar
    • Ozone flow - max 80 l / min
    • Supply gas - oxygen from an oxygen concentrator (40l / min included)
    • Flow regulator - acrylic rotameter
    • Supply voltage - 230 V / 50 Hz
    • Power consumption - max 3500W
    • Generator weight + concentrator - max - 320 kg
    • Process water pressure - 4 bar
    • Flow up to - 6m3 / h
    • Internal cooling system capacity 10l
    • Cooling with a chiler (2 pcs included)

    Ozone generator dimensions:

    • Width 870 mm (1500 mm with two chillers)
    • Depth 600 mm
    • Height 1510 mm

    Oxygen concentrator dimensions:

    • Width 870 mm
    • Depth 600 mm
    • Height 1510 mm

    Housing - stainless steel


    • thermal
    • surge
    • Short circuit

    Outputs / connection and power supply inputs:

    • Power cable
    • Ozone output plug
    • External control socket

    Control panel:

    • Main power switch
    • Temperature controller
    • Function controller
    • Gas flow switch

    The kit includes:

    • Atom III ozone generator
    • Network cable
    • Oxygen concentrator
    • Silicone hose 8/10 x 10m
    • User manual
    • Warranty

    Write to us and we will give professional advice, help in the selection of equipment and make measurements of ozone in the air and concentrated ozone produced from oxygen and dry air.