Multigas ozone meter 0-10ppm View larger

Multigas ozone meter 0-10ppm

Multigas III O3 0-10ppm

New product

Multigas III Polish ozone meter

Basic features:

  • measurement of Ozone concentration 0-10ppm
  • legible, multi-functional, graphic LCD display,
  • battery voltage status indicator,
  • recording of measurement data and events in the device's memory,
  • calculation and registration of average values,
  • signaling alarms and emergency conditions of the device,
  • battery power supply,
  • low battery signaling.
  • Measuring range: 0 - 10.00 ppm
  • Read resolution: 0.01 ppm
  • Sensor type: electrochemical
  • Alarm thresholds: 2 freely adjustable
  • Approval for hazardous areas - ATEX
  • Charger

Warranty: 12 months (does not apply to periodic calibrations)

Waiting time 6 weeks

More details

  • Characteristic

    The Multigas III.4 - TOX meter is a portable gas meter designed for measuring ozone concentration.
    The toxicometer has two alarm thresholds to warn of danger. An increase in the concentration of the measured toxic gas is signaled. The value of alarm thresholds can be set by the user.

    Multigas III.4 - TOX meter is designed for people and services performing work in spaces where there is a risk of ozone. The device can be used in industrial plants for various technological processes, as well as in sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, after ozonation in rooms, etc.
    The device is also used to study the atmosphere at work stations.

    Multigas III.4 - TOX is equipped with a legible backlit graphic display. It has extensive alarm signaling. It is equipped with a memory in which the measurement results of instantaneous values, average values of measurements and other information regarding the operation of the device are recorded. The information stored in the instrument's memory can be displayed or transferred to a PC (optional).

    Basic equipment:

    • Instrument,
    • Case
    • Battery charger
    • User manual.

    Additional equipment:

    • Cap for sensors for measuring the sucked atmosphere,
    • Manual suction pump.

    Conditions of delivery:

    · Delivery: 4-6 days from crediting our account (ask for details)

    Additional information:

    1. The instrument allows the results to be recorded in memory. It also allows calculations

    and displaying average values.

    2. The Multigas III device is powered by a 7.4V Li-ion battery with a capacity

    2000 mAh, which ensures uninterrupted operation for at least 20 hours. With device

    factory charger is supplied.

    3. The instrument may operate in the following climatic conditions:

    - Ambient temperature: -10 ° C .... + 40 ° C

    - Relative humidity 15 .... 95% Rh

    - Type of sensor: electrochemical

    4. Service life and prices (approximate) of sensors.

    · O3 - electrochemical, 2-3 years, cost: PLN 750.00. Net

    - - calibration at the manufacturer's premises PLN 150. net