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Atom 4 ozone generator

Generator ozonu Atom 4

Industrial ozone generator for disinfection of rooms with large cubature. The generator is powered by oxygen contained in atmospheric air, which makes it a self-sufficient device and does not require additional financial expenditure during its operation (e.g. replacement of an oxygen cylinder). Advantages of using an ozone generator: - reduction or total reduction of bacteria and viruses, - reduction of mold fungi, - decomposition of residues of chemicals used to clean objects, - partial elimination or replacement of chemicals used for disinfection.

Generator with 300h mileage in very good condition after review and with a guarantee of 6 months

More details

  • Principle of operation:

    Atmospheric air is sucked inside the ozone generator and pre-filtered, then flows through a set of electrodes on which oxygen is converted into ozone and then is blown with a strong stream inside the disinfected object.

    Product innovation:

    - The only specialized ozone purge generator on the European market for disinfection of breeding facilities (poultry houses) up to 30,000m3


    - resistance to moist air sucked in by the ozone generator

    - dust resistance

    - simple operation

    - monolithic structure

    - high efficiency 1500g / h

    Benefits of using an ozone generator in poultry farming:

    - reduction or complete reduction of bacteria and viruses in the breeding establishment

    - reduction of mold fungi

    - decomposition of the residue of chemicals used to clean the facilities

    - partial elimination or replacement of chemicals used for disinfection

    Technical data:

    • Working capacity - 1500g / h O3 / h
    • Ozone concentration - 15ppm / m3
    • Ozone flow - 6000 - 25000m 3
    • Supply gas - atmospheric air
    • Supply voltage - 400V 3phase / 50 Hz
    • Max power consumption - 27kw


    • length 220cm
    • 120cm wide
    • height 111cm
    • weight 750kg



    • thermal
    • surge
    • Short circuit
    • Residual


    • stainless steel
    • powder coated aluminum

    Outputs / connection and power supply inputs:

    • Power cable

    Control panel:

    • Main power switch
    • Temperature controller
    • Function controller
    • Power section switches

    The kit includes:

    • Atom 4 ozone generator

    • Network cable