Systemy ozonowania mobilnego

Mobile ozonation systems

OZON MOBILE TRUCK is a maintenance-free ozonation system for cargo space of vehicles transporting food.
The system consists of an executive module that emits gas (ozone) and is placed directly in the cargo space, and a control unit that can be mounted in the vehicle's cab or in another place convenient for monitoring concentration and ozone control.
Ozone concentration is precisely tested by a sensor located in the cargo space and analyzed by the control panel. It can be mounted on any vehicle with an airtight cargo space.

The main features of the mobile ozone system:

- stainless steel housing (resistant to harsh operating conditions)
- Built-in, efficient Blue Planet ozone generator, resistant to harsh conditions,
- HEPA inlet filters,
- monitoring and control of ozone concentration by an automated control panel,
- ozone poisoning safety and monitoring system,
- short-circuit and overvoltage protection,
- maintenance-free disinfection process,
- power supply from vehicle batteries,

Application area:
Mobile refrigerators carrying fruit, vegetables, meat, fish with a maximum load capacity of 150m3

The effects of using the ozone atmosphere:
- Inhibition / neutralization of bacterial, mold, fungal colony growth,
- extension of freshness,
- improving the taste and visual value of fruit and vegetables,

Power supply:
- 12 - 24 V.

- Max 600 Watt

The system kit includes:
- Control panel
- Executive generator
- Monitoring sensor
- Wiring
- Assembly

Range of concentrations used in the cargo space measured in ppm / m3:
- 0-10ppm

Warranty service:
- 24 months warranty,
- the possibility of extending the warranty through annual or seasonal paid inspections,
Ozonowanie naczep

Assembly and its scope:
- assembly includes all activities leading to the installation and activation of the ozonation system on the car
- assembly at the Blue Planet headquarters included in the price of the device,
The system is selected according to the individual needs of the transported goods as well as to the solutions and technical conditions of the car.