Ozone generator 20g DS-20-R ozonator with ozone extraction View larger

Ozone generator 20g DS-20-R ozonator with ozone extraction

DS 20 R

New product

DS-20-R Professional ozone generator for car service, cleaning company, air conditioning service , kindergartens
DS-20-R ozone generator with adjustable power 7g / h or 20g / h together with a flange for a flexible ozonation hose. This model is used for the ozonation of vehicles, stationary ventilation systems, room sterilization, food refrigerators, assisting the drying of flooded rooms, etc.
Ozone extraction function - after treatment, one end of the flexible hose should be exposed, e.g. through a window or ventilation duct, and the ozone generator should be turned on without ozone production.

More details

  • Main product features:

    • Microprocessor control
    • USA technology (waterproof ozone electrodes with heat sink)
    • Impact and transport resistant electrodes
    • The settings visible on the display are confirmed by a sound signal
    • Key protection against unauthorized activation
    • Short-circuit and electric shock protection
    • Hour meter (useful for billing in a tool rental)
    • Power (7000mg / h or 20,000mg / h) for use at home, car, refrigeration, large rooms etc.
    • Room ozonation up to +/- 480m 3
    • Work time programming from 1min-9h
    • cyclic clock (setting the pause time and the number of repetitions)
    • Signaling program end with a light and sound signal
    • Durable stainless steel, aluminum and powder coated steel construction
    • Ozone neutralization
    • 2 year warranty
    • post-warranty service
    • CE declaration

    The letter R in the name of the generator means the outlet flange to which the remote ozonation pipe can be connected.


    • Method - corona discharge
    • Supply gas - air
    • Cooling - air
    • Dimensions - 470/250 / 250mm
    • Weight - 6 kg
    • Power supply - 230V 50Hrz
    • Power consumption - 350W max
    • Housing - aluminum / stainless and acid resistant steel
    • Working time - no limit
    • Capacity - 7g / h - 20g / h
    • Ozone flow - 421m 3
    • Operating temperature range from -5 * C to +40 * C
    • Operating humidity range up to 70% at 30 * C without condensation


    Shipment composition:

    • Ozone generator DS-20-R
    • Power cord
    • Flexible cable fi120 x 6m
    • User manual
    • Warranty Card
    • Ozonation instructions
    • VAT


    The device is equipped with high performance high-voltage air-cooled converters and ventilated components emitting corona discharge.
    Ozone treatment is the most effective form of disinfection of car and stationary air conditioning, cargo space of trucks and living quarters as well as attics and basements.
    Our device guarantees professional and effective disinfection as well as satisfaction from a job well done. Each generator has a "Small ozone conductor" attached to it that prepares you for working with ozone. It helps to explain e.g. the selection of ozone concentrations, process time, ways of ozonizing vehicle cabs, ozonation after fires, etc.